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Source: Viking Air

Source: Viking Air

Source: Viking Air

Source: Viking Air

DHC-6-300/400 Twin Otter

The Viking DHC-6 Series 400 Twin Otter aircraft is an all-metal, high wing monoplane, powered by two wing-mounted turboprop engines, each driving a three-bladed, reversible pitch, fully feathering propeller. The aircraft carries a pilot, co-pilot, and up to 19 passengers, depending upon the seating configuration. The Series 400 is an updated version of the Series 100, 200, and 300 Twin Otters. As with previous series updates, changes made have been selected to take advantage of newer technologies that permit more reliable and more economical operations. Aircraft dimensions, construction techniques, and primary structures have not changed. The aircraft is manufactured at Viking Air Limited facilities in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. The type certificate, (A82 from Transport Canada) is held by Viking Air Limited. The most significant change made to the Series 400 has been the introduction of a Honeywell Primus Apex® integrated avionics suite. In addition to providing flat panel display of all flight instrumentation, the Apex suite also provides flat panel display of all engine parameters, all aircraft system parameters, all radio frequencies, the active flight plan, terrain and topography around the aircraft, weather radar, TCAS, and TAWS status. The flight compartment layout has been modernized, and all switches have been moved from the flight compartment roof to the sub-panels below each primary flight display. Engines have been upgraded from the PT6A-27 to the PT6A-34. The engine continues to be flat rated to 620 horsepower, and all take-off and landing distances remain unchanged. Full flat rated take-off power from the PT6A-34 is available to ISA +27°C. A lightweight commuter interior is fitted as standard. Almost all interior and exterior lighting has been upgraded to LED or high intensity discharge (xenon). Cabin ventilation, heating, and optional air conditioning systems have been modernized.

Source: Viking Air

Number of Crew
Number of Occupants
1,375 to 1,842 kg
Max Range
980 nm
Max Cruise Speed
170 ktas
2x Pratt & Whitney
PT6A-34 750 shp each

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